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In Top Knotch, 3 Shih Tzu girls— Ginger, Hapi, and Missy, scheme to extricate their late-20s-something owner, Robin, an engineer who works for her uber-successful venture capitalist and domineering dad, Fritz, from a series of foibles.

Robin is engaged to marry Sean, the father-endorsed boyfriend that works as the intellectual property attorney for their firm, Rosencratz and Dessein.

Determined to connect Robin with the man of her dreams, the little pooches, always on the prowl for a new boyfriend to replace Sean, meet Luke an understated and world-renowned engineer and inventor during a backyard pool party at the home of Robin's sister.

Much to the delight of the 'girls,' Luke has super powers and can hear the dogs talk!

Smitten with Luke, high jinx ensue as the dogs scheme and conspire with Luke to connect the fated couple.

As Robin becomes increasingly torn between Luke and papa-approved Sean, she discovers a few secrets of her own and learns life is lived from the inside out by being brave and following your heart.

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