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Top Knotch by C.J. Thomas

In Top Knotch, three Shih Tzu girls—Ginger, Hapi, and Missy, scheme to extricate their late 20’s-something owner, Robin, from a series of foibles. Robin is an engineer who works for her uber-successful, but domineering dad, Fritz. She’s engaged to marry Sean, who works as the intellectual property attorney for their venture capital firm, Rosencratz & Dessein. Determined to connect Robin with the man of her dreams, her three little pooches are always on the prowl for a new boyfriend to replace Sean. Luck is with them when Robin meets Luke at a backyard pool party. Luke is a world-renowned engineer and inventor, and unlike Sean, he’s a really nice guy. Much to the dogs’ delight, Luke has super powers and can hear them talk! Hi-jinx ensues as the dogs scheme and conspire with Luke to connect with Robin. As Robin becomes increasingly torn between Luke and the “papa-approved” Sean, she discovers a few secrets of her own. She learns life is lived from the inside out by being brave and following your heart.