"This book was wonderfully entertaining with a great message about finding your heart and being brave. I just loved these dogs! This story confirms what I always suspected that dogs are smarter than people. This is an empowering must-read for all ages."

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Meet the dogs with superpowers!



A show dog dropout, Missy was the first Shih Tzu dog Robin met at the toy breed rescue shelter.  A tomboy and party on four little legs, Missy was instantly “it” for Robin, who had already decided to name her first Shih Tzu dog either Missy or Muffin.

Her favorite pastime is chasing wild geese at the local park or running with the big dogs.



Surviving the puppy mill with eyesight in one eye only, Ginger, a show dog wannabe, is a bit of a femme fatale. Ginger appears shy but becomes the “little dictator” when pushed. 

Ginger’s favorite color is pink and she especially loves outfits with a lot of sequins and ruffles.  Constantly adjusting her topknot, Ginger’s biggest fear is looking like a Chinese-crested.



Rescued after being hit by a car and left for dead, Hapi sees and knows things others cannot.  Missing teeth from the ordeal causes her little pink tongue to hang out the side of her mouth.

Hapi’s usual demeanor is “chill” and she can often be found lying with her feet in the air like a chicken waiting to be trussed, snoring loudly.  She’s been known to fake a yawn for attention, too.


Illustrations by Jane Davis