A show dog dro out, Missy was the first Shih Tzu dog Robin met at the toy breed rescue shelter.  A tomboy and party on four little legs, Missy was instantly “it” for Robin, who had already decided to name her first Shih Tzu dog either Missy or Muffin.

Clearly missing the lap dog gene, Missy’s (Shih Tzu) talents include sit, stay, and “try and catch me.”  Her favorite pastime is chasing wild geese at the local park or running with the big dogs.

Missy often makes wisecracks to hide her insecurities.  She was being trained to be a Shih Tzu show dog until her adult teeth came in crooked, but still remembers “the walk” and can be found secretly prancing for nobody in particular.

Her secret talent is a toothy human grin for the camera on the command, “Smile!”

She thinks she is absolutely Robin’s favorite Shih Tzu.

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Surviving the puppy mill with eyesight in one eye only, Ginger, a show dog wannabe, is a bit of a femme fatale.

Arriving with Missy because Robin thought Missy needed a friend to keep her company, Ginger appears shy but becomes the “little dictator” when pushed. Bugging Missy is her hobby and she won top prize in the dog training finals knowing it would really irk her.  Ginger’s motto is “Success is the best revenge.”

Ginger’s favorite color is pink and she especially loves outfits with a lot of sequins and ruffles.  Constantly adjusting her topknot, Ginger’s biggest fear is looking like a Chinese-crested.

A huge flirt, she thoroughly enjoys playing hard to get and is secretly in love with Wilbur, the dog belonging to Robin’s assistant.

Ginger has the bad habit of snorting when nervous and has perfected the art of faking a yawn for attention.

She is absolutely certain she is Robin’s favorite Shih Tzu.

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Rescued after being hit by a car and left for dead, Hapi sees and knows things others cannot.  Missing teeth from the ordeal causes her little pink tongue to hang out the side of her mouth.

Hapi’s usual demeanor is “chill” and she can often be found lying with her feet in the air like a chicken waiting to be trussed, snoring loudly.  She’s been known to fake a yawn for attention, too.

Hapi can see into the hearts of people and dogs and she often provides comfort by just snuggling next to her sisters and Robin.

Hapi’s talent is a discerning palate for “people food.”  She particularly loves jelly beans, pizza, cream cheese, tuna fish, green beans, and baby food.  Most smart dogs stand upwind after she’s eaten.

Her favorite outfits are her bathrobe and plaid fleece dog jacket.

Because Hapi reminds Robin of Little Dot, Robin’s childhood Shih Tzu, Hapi knows she is Robin’s favorite Shih Tzu.

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